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Dr. Clingan

Back Pain Remedy for Prattville, Millbrook, & Montgomery, AL

Do you have occasional back pain?  You're not alone.  Most people will experience it in their lifetime.  Some causes of back pain are unavoidable- trauma, aging, disease or infection.  Most causes of back pain are avoidable- bad posture, misaligned spine, muscle straining, weak core, obesity, inactivity or smoking.

The following are back pain prevention tips:

  1. Posture:  Maintaining good posture not only helps prevent back and neck pain, it improves muscle tone, makes breathing easier, decreases risk of hump at base of neck and increases self confidence.
  2. Exercise:  Being on an exercise regimen will help you improve posture, improve flexibility, lose weight and strengthen your back.

  3. Chiropractic:  The greatest of back pain prevention and treatment provides care with the purpose of reducing stress, improving body function and promoting balance to improve your quality of life.  Chiropractic ensures your natural healing power and the well-being of your body, mind and spirit.

We would love the opportunity to help guide you on your path to being pain free, call us today!



The Chiropractic Lifestyle in Prattville, Millbrook, & Montgomery, AL

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Dr. Clingan

The Chiropractic Lifestyle

Chiropractic is a health care profession. Chiropractors perform adjustments (manipulations) to the spine or other parts of the body. The goal is to correct alignment problems, ease pain, and support the body's natural ability to heal itself. They may also use other treatments including physical therapy, exercise, heat/ice, electrical stimulation, relaxation techniques, counseling about diet, weight loss, and dietary supplements.

Chiropractic patients receive the following benefits from maintaining a healthy chiropractic lifestyle:

  • Muscles and Joints           
    • Relief in arthritic pain
    • Increased flexibility
    • Decreased tissue inflammation
    • Increased mobility
    • Improved muscle control
    • Headache relief
  • Digestive System
    • Weight management
    • Reduced heart burn
    • Efficiency of digestion
    • Regulation of bowel movement
  • Sleeping           
    • Decreased restlessness
    • Capacity to remain asleep
    • Improvement in ability to fall asleep
  • Reproductive System
    • Higher capacity to achieve pregnanc
    • Improvement in labor and delivery
    • Better relationship
  • Exercise and Body Maintenance
    • Increased sense of well being
    • Increased performance and energy
    • Better capacity to handle stress
    • Quicker recovery from workouts
    • More capacity to relax
    • Improved balance and coordination

Living the chiropractic lifestyle means getting regular chiropractic care and also exercising regularly, putting the right things in our bodies, limiting the wrong things we put in our bodies, and improving our emotional/mental wellness.

Give First Choice Healthcare a call to start learning how to live the chiropractic lifestyle in Prattville, Millbrook, & Montgomery, AL.



Chiropractic Boosts Productivity

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Dr. Clingan

Chiropractic Boosts Productivity              

  In this fast paced world, it's hard to be slowed down by body aches and pains!  Chiropractic care elevates productivity at both work and play.  Regular chiropractic care may boost work performance by warding off work-related injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome and low-back pain.  For instance, chiropractic care defuses low back pain associated with sitting hour after hour in ergonomically incorrect chairs.  "Sitting causes the pelvis to rotate backward and causes the reduction in lumbar lordosis (natural curve of the low back), trunk-thigh angle, and knee angle," note researchers.  It also causes "an increase in muscle effort and disc pressure." (J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1999;22:594-609.)

                Unremitting low back pain can lead to work absence and higher medical costs.  This conclusion was found during the following study:  In a review of 250 employees receiving worker's compensation for low back pain -72 of whom had no physically therapeutic care- patients receiving spinal manipulation experienced greater reductions in pain and disability.  This translated into lower therapeutic costs and a faster return to work (Spine Jour 2006;6:289-295). 

                Chiropractic care effectively restores proper spinal alignment and reduces low-back pain.  Missing appointments, however, may foster a "one step forward, two steps back" scenario.  Maintenance chiropractic care is crucial to optimal health.  Chiropractic also boosts performance at sports.  Professional athletes rely on chiropractic care to reach optimal performance capacity. 

               Schedule a no hassle chiropractor consultation if you live in the Montgomery, Prattville, and Millbrook Areas.  Let us help you be as productive as you can be! 




Chiropractic During Pregnancy

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Dr. Clingan

Chiropractic During Pregnancy

     Many mothers experience back pain during pregnancy and are not aware that chiropractic care can help!  During pregnancy, the body prepares itself for 9 months of optimal living for a baby.  This can put a strain on certain areas of the body.  Chiropractic during pregnancy balances the pelvis, eliminates tension to muscles and ligaments, and enhances optimal fetal position.  Chiropractic care also helps to combat spinal misalignment or dysfunction during pregnancy. 

     Pregnancy should be an opportunity to reflect on your family's plans and dreams- not a time to struggle with pain.  Preparing for a new baby is a daunting challenge for even the most organized mothers-to-be.  So, during this meaningful time, be proactive:  work to prevent backache before it affects your peace of mind or distracts you from focusing on your family's well-being.

If you are an expectant mother in Millbrook, Prattville, or Montgomery, AL and need back relief; schedule a chiropractic consultation today!



Why Expectant Mothers Experience Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Dr. Clingan

Why Expectant Mothers Experience Back Pain During Pregnancy

                Pregnancy is a wondrous time in a woman's life. However, it is also frequently marked by dramatic changes in a mother's posture and spinal function. These dramatic changes can affect health, sleep and emotions of the mother. The doctors at First Choice Healthcare care for expectant mothers with a unique approach, aimed at keeping them in optimal wellness, so that they may be well-rested and full of energy when their bundle of joy arrives.

                Postural changes are a significant factor of back pain in pregnancy. As the baby grows, mom's center of gravity shifts forward. The result is an exaggerated lower back curve. This postural alteration triggers a chain effect, which disturbs the normal curves throughout the spine. This causes a disproportionate amount of stress directed at various muscles, bones and ligaments surrounding the spine.

                SI joint dysfunction is also a cause of intense back pain during pregnancy. SI joint dysfunction involves misalignment or restricted movement in the sacrum and two iliac bones that form the pelvic girdle. In preparation for delivery, the body increases production of a hormone called "relaxin". This hormone softens the ligaments that hold together the pelvic bones. Although this process facilitates delivery, it also undermines the alignment of the sacrum and adjacent iliac bones.

                Spinal misalignments are another significant cause of pregnancy-related backache. Spinal misalignments result in a condition called vertebral subluxation. This disorder occurs when spinal motion is restricted or spinal vertebrae are out of alignment. Chiropractic corrects vertebral subluxations using gentle and effective maneuvers called chiropractic adjustments.

                Expectant mothers should feel the need to use chiropractic for several reasons. First, chiropractic works to correct the two main causes of pregnancy related backache: SI joint dysfunction and vertebral subluxation. Also, chiropractic offers a drug-free approach to pain reduction. Since avoiding unnecessary medication is essential to preventing birth defects, chiropractic provides relief without the worry that comes from taking medication.

                If you are a expectant mother in Prattville, Millbrook or Montgomery and are experience back pain from your pregnancy, call us today for chiropractic relief.