About a Prattville Chiropractor and Physical Therapy Center

First Choice Healthcare is Committed to Natural Family Care.

Our treatment methods are therapeutic and provide effective pain relief without the use of drugs or surgery. We can treat injuries, relieve chronic pain and generally improve the quality of your life. We promote overall wellness.

Our methods rely on your body’s inherent recuperative abilities with emphasis on the spine and its proper function to help you get back to enjoying life.

Your health and happiness is our main concern. We utilize a detailed, comprehensive exam with a full X-ray study to educate you about your condition and provide you with practical advice and customized care. Dr. Clingan can also use his expertise to help with nutrition and exercise programs.

  • Unique approach
  • Patient-focused care
  • Comprehensive natural healthcare
  • Patient education
  • Personalized service
 Refer Others

The best compliment we can get is for you to tell others how chiropractic treatment helps you gain a healthy living attitude.

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